HR Consulting Firm in Charlotte & Raleigh, NC

At HR Consulting Group in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, our goal is to provide the personal relationships with small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for Human Resources (HR) Consulting services. With all the rules and regulation involved with HR such as employee recruiting, retention, termination, or HR audit to ensure North Carolina state/federal compliance, Handbook/Policy creation, and/or Performance Management, there are endless aspects to HR that small to mid-sized businesses face.

Charlotte & Raleigh HR Consultant Services

  1. Obtain professional advice and guidance of tough HR issues.
  2. Benefit from expertise and experience of certified HR consultant.
  3. Receive HR advice, tips, tools and best practices that work.
  4. Meet specific goals in a timely manner.
  5. Only pay for the time or services you use.
  6. Receive the most flexible solution to fit your needs and budget.
  7. Stay focused on your core business.

Who Can Benefit From Consulting?

  • Small-Mid Sized Businesses who need an immediate, professional solution.
  • Small-Mid Sized where HR is handled ineffectively and/or inefficiently by existing resources.
  • Small-Mid Sized spending too much time on one or more HR issue.
  • Small-Mid Sized that have one person covering many functional areas.
  • Small-Mid Sized wanting to protect and grow their business.

Human Resource tips & advice that will help you.

Understand your people:

First and foremost, to begin with, understand your people, know that an HR’s role begins with empathy. Get familiar with your employees – their personal lives, milestones and work anniversaries, roles, strength, weaknesses, comfort, and discomfort, etc. Value the diversity and learn to develop a balance in it. This is an investment you need to make from day one as it will help you in the long run when it comes to creating the right culture, increasing employee engagement and productivity, and achieving the overall goals.

Recognize your role:

HR now is recognized as a strategic partner, the focus is more on employee engagement, talent management, fostering innovation, breaking stereotypes and developing a collaborative culture. Understanding the strategic definition of your role and then connecting these to the business plan will assist you in planning a strategy

Comprehend the business:

It is difficult to capitalize on the human capital unless you have a completing understanding of the business. This means identifying the respective stakeholders i.e. the top management, employees, potential employees, and everyone else who falls under the corporate umbrella. Understand their specific needs and requirement, develop a bridge between all of them and based on it comprehend the year’s targets of the organization. If you have a clear understanding of the vision of the business, you will then also be able to develop the culture that will help achieve the defined targets easily and at a faster pace.

Widen your skill-set:

Make every effort to increase your expertise. This could be through e-learning, sector-based seminars, training courses or simply taking up projects that are complementary to the HR profile. This will not only give you exposure to different verticals but ensure that you keep growing. Schedule skip level meetings every quarter with the top management, this will help you understand if you are in track when it comes to your management’s vision of the organization and also your profile.

Increase your network:

Investing time in networking with professionals in the HR field across sectors is the fastest way to increase your knowledge and your skills and also expand your business connections

Embrace your role:

This is the textbook definition of being an HR. Ensure that you are well-organized, good at multitasking and multiple focusing, self-disciplined, good at negotiations and dealing with ambiguous areas, are an excellent communicator, problem solver, receptive towards your profile and above all, transparent. This is the basic checklist that will give you an advantage not just with a new career but will also with every new role.

Know that when you are an HR Manager you need to have the knowledge and be strategic to make an impact in an organization; this requires focus and a long-term commitment. A simple suggestion to achieve this? Have a mindset of a startup owner. Be determined, passionate, goal setter, hard worker and a hustler!

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