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Using Human Resources (HR) Consulting in Charlotte when Planning to Grow your Business

Using Human Resources Consulting in Charlotte when planning for growth is often overlooked in any business. With all the daily challenges and operations, management may forget to retain its best employees as well as fail to attract new talent and fail to train and support the different departments.

Here are two simple HR strategies to plan effective growth:

  1. Creating a Human Resources plan for each facet

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Although HR is known for recruitment, there are other facets such as development, training, retention which includes compensation and benefits. Here are some activities to look out for:

Recruitment marketing – It is important to make sure that your company is visible and take care of its brand. Creating social media pages and advertising on all mediums is vital to recruit any potential candidates. Of course, aside from taking advantage of the modern methods, the old ways of recruiting such as word of mouth and referrals still help.

Avoiding recruitment mistakes – Thorough candidate screening makes the interviews and follow-ups easier for both the candidate and the employer. Critical to this is checking the candidate’s references because an employee who fits in the company’s culture will make for a better working relationship with future peers.

Employee development – Jobs can be very repetitive. In order to keep the employees interested, having trained for growth will be necessary. This will also help them to progress to higher positions which will be helpful for future business growth. One on one sessions with a manager or a senior is another effective technique aside from formal training.

Employee retention – Aside from compensation and benefits, setting clear expectations and acknowledging and appreciating employee efforts is as important. People want to be recognized and feel important to know that they are actually helping in something bigger than themselves. Having awarding ceremonies and special events to give a sense of appreciation is important.

  1. Outline the Human Resource improvement needs

Taking the time to map out the needs for HR growth is important. While the core business is growing, the HR department needs to grow as well to fill in the need. Mapping these out ahead of time is key to avoid any delays in growth. Consider the following approaches:

Employee job descriptions – Define the roles and responsibilities of the specific position. Smaller companies may have employees who have a broad job description at first but when the business starts to grow, the positions may be streamlined for specialization.

The company organizational chart – Chart all the positions to show which employees report to which manager and vice versa.

Hiring timelines – Map out the schedule which will show the needs and deadlines to for hiring new employees for growing departments. Plotting out milestones and talent required will help you to see if targets are being met well.

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