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5 Human Resources (HR) Consulting Recruitment Tips for Small Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Human resources departments are commonly recognized for their recruitment branch. Choosing the right candidate for a job is crucial for a well-functioning work dynamic in any office. To make sure incoming candidates contribute well to the office culture, it is the HR staff’s responsibility to implement a holistic approach in recruiting the right talent. That would mean removing any bottlenecks or red tape in the recruitment process that affects the results of talent or recruitment screening.

This can be done by reviewing the recruitment process and see any potential problem areas and revising them as needed.

Some Charlotte HR hiring practices below can be reviewed to start the revision:

  1. Keep your employee recruitment ideals grounded

Recruiters may have this idea of what the perfect candidate may be. However, if the recruiter focuses too much on the ideal rather than the actual people they are interviewing, they might be blindsided and let go of the qualified candidates that pass through their office. It is inefficient and prejudiced to rule out all other potential candidates just to recruit the person that has all the exact skillsets, behaviors, and values that are being looked for in a candidate.

  1. Allowing candidates to be interviewed by hiring managers without any guidelines

This is not to say that hiring managers do not have the ability to conduct proper job interviews. However. Not properly informing or briefing managers on what is expected to look out for during the interview can be a waste of time and effort. HR staff should at least walk through with the hiring manager on the different parts of the interview. Such as screening with them the questions they will ask candidates and which ones not to. Generally speaking, interview questions should not be related to any cultural/religious views, also any sociopolitical factors that may make the candidate feel discriminated. Also, briefing managers about the different types of interviews will be beneficial to tailor fit their screening process for filling in a slot in their team.

  1. Using only a single channel to find candidates

Sourcing candidates only via a single network stream may hinder you from further discovering the right talent. This may even affect your ability to attract or retain existing talent. The job market is continually evolving. Candidates now have different mediums to allow them to communicate with any potential employers. Employers now need to be visible on these new mediums or platforms. Instead of just doing it the old way of posting job ads, newer strategies such as attending job caravans or social media promotions will get you a higher chance of increasing the recruitment pool as well as the quality of candidates to be screened.

  1. Screening a candidate via their resume

The candidate’s resume is the first piece of information we get from any potential recruit. A lot of candidates do not make it past the resume stage which speaks volumes on how dedicated the recruitment department is on the selection process of the best possible recruit. An example of which are resumes that are put under the pile for poor formatting or failing to tailor fit the resume for the position being applied for. Also, you may be giving candidates an unfair advantage just because they came from a prestigious school or university. Doing this does not effectively size up the candidate. Thoroughly reviewing the experience and calling the candidates up for phone interviews is the solution towards balancing the potential bias that may occur.

  1. Face to face interviews as a basis for recruitment decision

As human beings, we all have these subconscious ideas which may lead to stereotyping of people we meet on the first impression. That is bad considering those thoughts and ideas may be hinged towards making the wrong decision. Aside from interviewing clients upfront, their skills need to be assessed not just by interview alone but, by practical tests to objectively evaluate the candidate.

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